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Unique personalized wedding gift ideas

pottery white vase

Table of Contents

Create the perfect gift

Showing your love and affection with ATMA's ceramics

Customized gifts are the best way to tell your loved ones how much you cherish having them in your life. You have great memories together and you want them to remember those. They can become a new cooking tradition with their own kids or a source of energy when they might feel a bit down. 

I define myself as a nostalgic person, but a happy one! I started writing my grandma’s amazing recipes on mixing bowls and gift them to my brothers and cousins. Their immediate and unforgettable reactions led me to include customized ceramics in ATMA collection. 

Choose the perfect ceramic

ATMA’s recipe mixing bowl is definitely the centerpiece of my customized  ceramics. However, I have developed a few more items from functional to decorative. I have sorted them by utility, but the most important is what memory you want to transmit: a family recipe, a song, a poem, a special date, etc. 

For each item listed below, I stipulate the recommended length of the text, as well as its functional or decorative nature.

Material and Timing

In my studio, I use stoneware clay fired at 1250°C / 2280°F. It has an excellent resistance to shocks  and it goes perfectly in the microwave and dishwasher.

For the writing, I use the same clay body as the container diluted with water. I apply it when it is still fresh so that both merge together when drying and being fired together.  I use only capital letters. 

Depending on the time of the year, I might need up until 3 weeks to make the vessel and customize it. Ceramic is a slow art with long drying times and 2 firings, each one lasting about 36 hours to go up to the expected temperature and cool down. We, ceramicists, are all very patients people!

My studio is based in Spain, I send ceramics every week to Europe, US and Canada. The shipping takes about a week for the US and Canada and 3 to 5 days for Europe. 


I can write in the following languages:  ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH, and other languages using the  Latin alphabet. 


If you have any question or any doubt, please contact me to the address below. I will do my best to answer with the most precise information.


Click here and find all my personalized ceramics 

handwriting recipe on mixing bowl

Wedding gifts ideas

Mixing bowl

ATMA’s customized mixing bowl can be offered as a wedding gift as well as for Christmas or any special occasion. Sharing family traditions has never been more important! 

For wedding gifts, I have been writing ingredients and short process text in front (sometimes there’s no process text), and the names and wedding date in the back. For longer recipes, it is better to stay with the original design which is ingredients in the front and process text in the back. 

Mixing Bowl:  25 x 20 cm / 10 x 7.8″ approx – 12 ingredients max – 30 words for the process. recommended

Dip Bowl: 18 x 15 cm / 7 x 6″ approx – 6 ingredients max – 20 words recommended for the process text. 

Functional ceramic – Medium text 

Recipe Mixing Bowl
Mixing Bowl customized
More photos coming soon

Set of 2 breakfast bowls

If you have a specific idea, please share it with me. If not, we can decide the design together. Here is a list of different ideas:

  • The Family name
  • The wedding date
  • The couples names
  • The couple initials

12 x 12 cm – 4.5 x 4.5 ” approx

Functional ceramic – Limited text: names and date

Breakfast bowl customized

Centerpiece bowl

The centerpiece bowl can be used as home decor as well as a serving plate. I like to write the names of the bride and groom with the wedding date, or just a few words from a poem. 

25 x 8 cm – 10 x 3.5 ” approx

White clay : Functional and Decorative
Black clay : Only decorative. 

Limited text : Names, Poem with short lines written vertically

White centerpiece customized wedding gift
handmade and customized wedding gift centerpiece
handmade black centerpiece with poem

Decor vase

This item is entirely decorative . I like to write song’s lyrics , poems,  book’s quotes, etc that really matter to the couple who will receive it.  Depending on the text length, I sketch a design and email it for approval before starting to create the ceramic.   

25 x 20 cm – 10 x 8″ approx – White clay and Black clay

Decorative – Medium text ( 60 words maximum recommended)


customized white vessel with poem
Vessel David Bowie lyrics Space Oddity ceramic handwritten

Click here and find all my personalized ceramics 

“Time is the main component when working with clay. My ceramics are filled with it so that you can make time for you and your loved ones ”

Marie Martin


Family Mixing Bowl

Gift idea: Your family recipe handwritten on a mixing bowl.
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