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Which gift for a person who has everything

Every year most of us are having the same issue which is how to find another gift idea for that person we cherish so much but who already has everything. When searching in the internet we find all sorts of ideas, most of them very common. Sport vouchers, kitchen accessorizes, leather bag, fancy watch are all over the internet. But are those gifts going to have a long-term impact? Do they have a WOW effect? not really.

What this person probably doesn’t have is something that reminds of one amazing moment from his/her past, a gift that calls to memory and even nostalgie.

I’m a ceramicist and my passion is to create handmade ceramics personalized with a text that represents an iconic moment for each customer. My ceramics are mostly functional but some are also decorative. My style is inspired by Japanese ceramic with minimalist shapes and colors. The words are written with clay giving some volume that catches the light and bring the focus to the text.

Personalized Mixing Bowl

ATMA’s bestseller is the Recipe Mixing Bowl. I throw a ceramic bowl on the wheel and I write the recipe of your choice on it. It usually is a recipe very special inside the family. Some dish or dessert that would remind of many good moments lived together around the table.

Family recipe bowl Large size
Family recipe bowl Medium size

Personalized Ceramic Vessel

I love music and I love how it makes me feel. Anxiety disappears. I can even go back to my teenage years whenever I listen to Radiohead or the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I just love this feeling. Which is why I create vessels that can be used as vases but also make a perfect addition to home decor just by itself. You can personalize these vessels with the lyrics of your choice. It can also be a poem (my daughter learned a poem from Langhston Hughes in 1rst grade and I made a pencil pot for her! Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die Life is a broken-winked bird That cannot fly) or a quote from a book. Any text that is special can be written and generate emotions.

customized white vessel with poem
Vessel David Bowie lyrics Space Oddity ceramic handwritten
San Francisco - Scott Mc


If you have any question or any doubt, please contact me to the address below. I will do my best to answer with the most precise information.


“Time is the main component when working with clay. My ceramics are filled with it so that you can make time for you and your loved ones ”

Marie Martin


Family Mixing Bowl

Gift idea: Your family recipe handwritten on a mixing bowl.
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