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How to make French crepe recipe

Watch the salted butter melt on top of the recently baked warm crepe, add a spoon of sugar, role it, give it to your child, and watch his eyes closing from happiness. Crepe, pronounced KREP in French, is one of those simple pleasures that need almost no time to bake and feel like there’s a party at home ! In France, we bake them for breakfast, at snack time or for dinner. There’s hundreds of different fillings and a few batter recipes as well. Here is a basic recipe that will have great effect on your loved ones. 

Also, make sure to always bake crepe on February 2, this is the French national crepe day. Yes! We have a national day for crepes, this is how important this is for us!


4 eggs

4 cups flour

2 tablespoons salted butter

4 cups milk


Beat the eggs vigorously in a mixing bowl. Add the milk, then the flour little by little to avoid lumps. Add the salt and the melted butter. Let sit for an hour before baking the crepes. 

This is the basic recipe. You can now add some vanilla extract or a drop of rum for different flavors. Half a cup of beer will bring some raising effect. 

If you use a pan, make sure to add a bit of oil every other crepe. The first one is always a mess, that’s normal!  If you use a crepe stone machine, then you won’t need oil. 

Et voilà!!! Bon Appétit!!!

Pouring crepe batter on a stone machine
Baking traditional French crepe on a stone machine

Easy filling ideas

Sweet fillings:
  • Salted butter with sugar
  • Sugar and lemon
  • Salted caramel
  • Nutella of course
  • Banana with sugar and lemon
  • Dulce de leche
  • Vanilla ice cream… actually any ice cream!

Salted fillings:

  • Sliced ham and grated cheese
  • Bacon and onion
  • Bechamel with mushrooms and ham
  • Smoked salmon and fresh cheese
  • Goat cheese and honey
Crepe serving with lemon and blueberry
Pottery with handwritten recipe on it
Handwritten recipe on a ceramic mixing bowl close up

“Time is the main component when working with clay. My ceramics are filled with it so that you can make time for you and your loved ones ”

Marie Martin


Family Mixing Bowl

Gift idea: Your family recipe handwritten on a mixing bowl.
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