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Showing your love and affection

Customized gifts are the best way to tell your loved ones how much you cherish having them in your life. I will write in stone(ware) your special memories, your family traditions to immortalize them, perpetuate cooking traditions and create wow effect gifts. 

I define myself as a nostalgic person, but a happy one! Years ago I wrote my grandma’s amazing recipes on a mixing bowl and gifted it to my brother. His reaction was immediate and unforgettable. I decided to reproduce this amazing sensation with more families and include customized ceramics in my ceramic collection.

Mixing Bowls

The customized mixing bowl can be offered as a wedding gift as well as for Christmas or any special occasion. Sharing family traditions has never been more important.

I will write the recipe’s name and ingredients on the front of the bowl and the process in the back.

For wedding gifts, I will add the names of the happy couple and the wedding date. 

Mixing Bowl:  25 x 20 cm / 10 x 7.8″ approx. – up to 12 ingredients and 65 words for the process.

Dip Bowl: 18 x 15 cm / 7 x 6″ approx. up to 6 ingredients and 30 words  for the process. 

Decor vases

Song lyrics, poems,  book quotes, movie quotes, wedding vows… Here are some texts I have been writing on vases these past months. Any text tied with a very special moment is a great text.

When designing the vessel, I first use photoshop to make sure the text will fit into a column and to include possible special requests made by the customers. 

The vase can be used with fresh flower, dry flowers as well as an art object without utility purpose.




25 x 20 cm – 10 x 8″ approx. It can be done with white clay or black clay

pottery white vase
ATMA Ceramic tools ribs needle sponge

Material and Timing

I use stoneware clay fired at 1250°C / 2280°F. It has an excellent resistance to shocks. For the writing, I use the same clay body as the bowl or vase. I use only capital letters. 

I normally need up to 3 weeks to make the ceramic and customize it ( a bit more on Christmas season). It is a slow art with long drying times and 2 firings, each one lasting about 36 hours. We, ceramicists, are all very patients people!

My studio is based in Spain, I send ceramics every week to Europe, US and Canada. The shipping takes about a week for US/Canada and 3 to 5 days for Europe. 

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